FACE À LA MER // Facing the Sea with Fashion

Face à La Mer is an ocean inspired clothing brand based in the Netherlands
Gordon is someone who has always loved the Sea. He was born and raised on a very small island just south of Italy called, Malta. It was there, he and his family spent their summer holidays, in the sun, on the beaches, in the waves, making memories he would carry with him for life. It wasn't long before Gordon quite literally dove into the aquatic world below and became a very passionate scuba diver.

Face à La Mer means facing the sea, this brand focuses on Ocean Protection and conservation.
He moved from Malta, to the UK for schooling and then found himself volunteering in the Philippines. It was on a dive trip there, where things really took a turn for him. Despite the beauty of the ocean, he couldn't help but notice the utter destruction in the water around him. Bleached corral reefs, plastic pieces and other obvious garbage pollution from the land above. As something so near and dear to his heart, and something so undoubtedly precious to our existence, he wanted to find a way to build awareness to this massive and urgent issue.

I have always loved the ocean, I'm so happy to support Face à La Mer's cause.

So, in 2018 Gordon founded Face à La Mer, a European based, 100% organic, ocean themed, T-shirt brand that donates a portion of its proceeds to Project Aware, a global force of passionate scuba divers who for over 25 years have relentlessly worked to protect our oceans. Additionally, Face à La Mer is dedicated to remaining completely carbon neutral throughout their production process. Each T-shirt is created from 100% certified organic fabric and is manufactured in plant that uses solar and wind power. The adorable ocean-inspired printed graphics are made using water-based, eco-friendly inks, that are not tested on animals and are totally vegan-friendly. And finally, every item is delivered in degradable and compostable packaging.

Face à La Mer has so many cute clothes for boys and girls too
While starting a business has had, and will always have its hurdles, Face à La Mer continues to grow, being featured on local TV shows in the Netherlands and spreading messages of ocean conservation and consciousness across the globe. Gordon hopes that through this brand the world see's the true value of the oceans and most of all helps return them to their naturally clean state, full of life and wonder.

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