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This is the Carmen Laptop Sleeve from One for Humanity, perfect for a Macbook or a as fun oversized clutch
In 2015 Ceclia traveled through South America. On her year-long adventure she volunteered, took online jobs, taught english and participated in work exchange programs. Out of everything she did, Ceclia enjoyed volunteering the most. Because she experienced first-hand the unique culture, people and their traditions. Ceclia stayed with local families, helping them with different projects. The personal interaction she had with these families were incredibly special to her. She saw how they lived their daily lives and it gave her an entirely different perspective from what an average tourist might see. It was a life changing experience for her, to say the very least.

Cecilia (in the white shirt on the left) sits with her host family while doing her volunteer work.
Ceclia's volunteer work in Peru was the catalyst for her brand, One for Humanity. She stayed with a family in Ayacucho, Peru who happened to handcraft bags, decor, and accessories. The family shared their home, the food on their table and stories about their town and community. And while it was clear that this family didn't have much, they were generous in sharing what little they had with her. She saw an opportunity to give back by providing sustainable opportunities to this family and One for Humanity was born.

One For Humanity carries ethically made, hand crafted accessories from fair trade artisans around the world. 

Everything from One for Humanity is entirely handmade; from dyeing the threads, the fabric and the tikog leaves. It takes about thirty days to finish just a small batch of products, often additional time is spent handcrafting if a product style has more intricate details. Because everything is handcrafted, every item is one of a kind- even when the same artisan produces a batch of goods. This makes every One for Humanity piece unique to its future owner, which I find really special.

The beautiful handwoven Sinag Fuchsia laptop sleeve from One for Humanity
Like any small business getting the word out and getting people involved in One for Humanity's  journey has been most challenging for Ceclia. She never expected to be an overnight success and understands that it takes time for people to start taking notice of who they are, what they do and most importantly WHY they do what they do. It took a while for her to even begin, Ceclia admits her fear of failure for her business held up her launch. It wasn't until her persistent friend, Ronina (who also wanted more out of her work life) became her co-founder.

The Jalilah Crossbody Bag from One for Humanity is perfect for the casual traveller.
One for Humanity aims to practice ethical and sustainable work practices like providing fair wages to their artisans. They also help educate the artisans and their communities about the importance of using eco-friendly, locally sourced and natural materials in their products, like organic fabric and natural dyes. Ultimately they want to be a brand that is built on integrity, advocating for ethical/sustainable fashion, providing sustainable opportunities to artisans and small communities, thus, improving the quality of life of those communities.

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The Dahon-Dahon laptop sleeve from One for humanity, My favorite place to get my work done is outside on my patio