OCTOBER JAIPUR // Inspired by Culture, Crafted by Artisans

Feeling the wanderlust with my October Jaipur's Leather Backpack and Black Criss Cross Slippers
October Jaipur was founded in October 2013 by two design graduates, Akasha Sinha and Rabia Singh. What began as a normal winter day, transformed into an idea, a partnership, and finally the development of a product. Although they came from different parts of India, their upbringings were very similar. Inspired by the rich cultural aesthetics of the desert land, the vision behind this label was to offer the world a unique blend of craft and impeccable, timeless design. It was through their different aesthetics and thought processes that they came together to form the beautiful handcrafted, artisan accessory brand, October Jaipur. Capturing the essence from the magic of leather craft, this brand truly finds its spirit in the rich and diverse culture of Rajasthan.

October Jaipur genuine leather wallets and Laptop sleeves are perfect for travel to the office or around the world
 From footwear, laptop sleeves, duffles, handbags and so much more, October Jaipur's products are rooted in "rugged individualism" with a deep sense of clean form. Everything is made with genuine leather and/or hand-woven fabrics. Culture and quality effortlessly collide in this brands craftsmanship, artisanal expertise, and innovative designs using different textures, colors and shapes. The team at October Jaipur are constantly developing the form and function of their products through fresh bursts of color and versatile styles for both men and women.

October Jaipur has a growing selection of stylish leather footwear, including sneakers and sandals for every season

The master craftsmen at October Jaipur can spend up to 16 hours meticulously creating one finished product. They take serious pride and joy in their craftsmanship and rightfully so. October Jaipur honors the relentless and dedicated efforts by their artisans in each handcrafted piece, which stands as the true reflection of their core.

October Jaipur Artisans hand crafting together in the workshop
Two women with one sewing machine and a simple idea has grown in to a bold and achievable brand on a mission. Today October Jaipur offers a plethora of companions for travel, wanderlust adventures, weekend brunches, work meetings or evenings out on the town. Derived from age-old art, techniques and practices, October Jaipur redefines style by stitching yesterday and tomorrow together, today.

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The October Jaipur handcrafted genuine leather Canter Sling in mustard and brown 
The Leather Backpack and Black Criss Cross Slippers from October Jaipur