STAR ANISE FOODS // Oodles of (vegan, organic & GF) Noodles

Just enjoying my Creamy Coconut Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup Bowl from Star Anise Foods
I generally spend tons of time cooking at home in an effort to eat cleaner, but sometimes it's really nice to NOT put in a lot of effort for every single meal. I'm also undeniably obsessed with soup, hot or cold, stew, broth, chowder, you name it- I'll take it! That's where Star Anise foods comes into my life. These little Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup cups require only hot water and a few minutes of waiting before it's ready to PHO! Aside from its delicious flavor they're all organic, vegan, non-gmo, made with brown rice noodles, totally gluten free, contain no MSG and uses no thickeners, no additives and no artificial flavors. Oh AND you can Amazon Prime them right to your front door, so if convenience is truly your thing- well, you're so very welcome.

Founders, Karen and Thao in the Kitchen preparing Star Anise Foods Happy Pho Meal Kit
It all began 12 years ago while hiking in Hong Kong. Karen and Thao instantly bonded over their love of food, adventures and memories of growing up as "restaurant kids". Thao’s family owned a Vietnamese Pho shop for two generations and Karen’s parents own a Chinese restaurant in the U.S.  Together they dreamed of starting a business together. In 2009 Karen and Thao moved to Saigon, Vietnam to develop the Star Anise Foods product line. They lived, breathed and talked Vietnamese Pho noodles and spices from the moment they woke up, into the night and didn’t stop until they created their popular brown rice Pho noodles.

Star Anise Foods Pho bowl, ready to be slurped up! 
Star Anise Foods has legit street cred when it comes to Pho! Thao’s grandparents came from a small town called Nam Dinh in northern Vietnam where Pho noodles originated. Their Pho soup was made famous at their family restaurant for decades. Using the recipe that Thao’s grandparents perfected over 80 years ago in their kitchen, they were able to capture the same intense flavors in an all-natural spice packet in the HAPPY PHO meal kits.  

Star Anise Foods carries simmer sauce too! Lemon Basil, Garlic Lemongrass, Coconut Lime Curry and Roasted Peanut! 
Lucky for them, Star Anise Foods has always been easy to get on store shelves, because there is nothing quite like it in the market. They're a San Francisco based, women and minority-owned business dedicated to approachable, Vietnamese natural products that create healthy, vegan, non-gmo, gluten free meals in minutes. Their HAPPY PHO meal kits and Pho Noodles (made with the World’s ONLY Vietnamese Brown Rice Pho Noodles) are in 100% Recycled Paperboard Packaging, and the Pho Soup bowls are sold in Recyclable Bowls and all of their products supports Traditional Farming Methods. I'm so happy I've found something fast and healthy to fill in for me, in the kitchen, on those busy, not-enough-time kind of days. I also can't wait to try their other products, I'm sure I'll be obsessed with them too. 

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