PELA CASE // 100% Compostable Phone Cases

Pela Case is the world's first %100 compostable phone case, made with Flaxstic
Jeremy Lang and Matt Bertulli are the founders of PelaCase, the worlds very first 100% compostable phone case. Jeremy had always been a curious person, as a child he most enjoyed taking things apart to see how they worked. He also dearly loved being on the water. After he graduated from University of Saskatchewan, Jeremy went on to work as a Professional Agrologist and Environmental Consultant in Canada.  Jeremy was enjoying the beaches of Hawaii with his family, when his son dug up some random pieces of plastic along the shore. It was in that exact moment he wondered about the real impact plastics were having on our planet. He imagined clear blue oceans free of plastic the way nature intended. The idea for PelaCase was born. He later founded Open Mind Developments, a creator of sustainable plastic alternatives. His co-founder Matt, loved to bike outdoors and was also CEO and Co-Founder of an eCommerce agency managing a portfolio of over 80 online stores for some of Canada's largest retailers. Together their mission was to make sustainable, eco-friendly products- starting with a product that you use every single day.

The founders of Pela Case, Jeremy Lang and Matt Bertulli
This sustainable, eco-friendly phone case is entirely made in Canada! The Pela Case is made with Flaxstic- a flexible, speckled material made of compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw. It's is free of phthalates, BPA, cadmium and lead and is verified to meet child safety standards in America, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The production of Flaxstic has a lower carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emission than traditional plastic manufacturing. When the time comes, instead of tossing your case in the trash- your Pela Case can be left to biodegrade in at a local composting facility or at home in your own composting area. They also offer the Pela-Cycle program. Simply send back your old Pela Case and they'll recycle it to make another generation of Pela products. As a Thank You from them, you'll receive a 20% off your next purchase.

Pela Case believes small choices add up to make a big difference, even ones as small as your phone case.
The Pela Case comes in so many amazing colors, is super slim and fits like a glove. It has a smooth yet lightly-textured finish caused by the flax shive. Not only does this make it less slippery and easier to grip but it also provides strength and natural shock absorption if (when) dropped. The tiny flax pieces make each case as unique as a snowflake- no two cases are exactly alike, ever. How special!? Pela is also a proud member of 1% for the Planet, and donate a percentage of sales to non-profit environmental organizations. Their main focus is clean water and clean ocean initiatives but they hope to help other environmental causes that help protect the natural playgrounds they love so much.

In the end, the founders of Pela know they're only human like everyone else and they're trying their best to preserve this planet for their children and beyond. They don't claim to be perfect in their efforts but they are always pushing themselves to believe in better, to be better and to do better every single day.

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I love my Rose Pela Case <3