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Caramel Coconut Girl Scouts flavored gum made in America by Project 7
Project 7 is a specialty gum and candy brand whose mission is as ambitious as it is delicious. With unexpected and crave-worthy flavors, when you pop this candy in your mouth you expose yourself to a whole new candy experience and happen to be helping people around the world in 7 HUGE ways at the same time. I see Project 7 as our very own, real-life, modern day Willy Wonka, but this time instead of implying the messages of goodness though a crazy factory tour, Project 7 is out there living the goodness, making it happen and making us smile all at once.

 So many gourmet gum flavors from Project 7 for every season and occasion 
Tyler Merrick was a successful entrepreneur and benefactor for good across man organizations for most of his life. It was in 2008 when Tyler found himself irking to do more to help people through his business ventures. He wanted to be a catalyst for change in a constantly inward consumer-centric culture.  His solution was simple, "Lets make everyday products, for everyday people, to solve everyday problems around the globe". In that moment Project 7 was born and Tyler became a social entrepreneur, dedicated to making "Products for Good".

Project 7 a specialty candy brand dedicated to bringing great flavor back into your day,
while at the same time giving back to 7 areas of need.

All of Project 7's products are made fairly right here in America. They partner with non-profits making impacts in The United States and around the World in 7 major areas of need:

1. SAVE THE EARTH- More than an acre of rainforest is lost every second. From things like global warming to the extinction of plant and animal species, the consequences of deforestation are far reaching. Project 7 has planted 4.3 million tree's and counting via
2. HOUSE THE HOMELESS- Through your purchases, Project 7 has helped House the Homeless and give basic care for emergency relief shelters for those have lost a home as a result of natural disasters. They have provided shelter for people in need for 1.5 million hours to date.
3.FEED THE HUNGRY- Hunger may sound like an overseas issue, yet 1 in 10 American households experience related hunger. Project 7 has partnered with and and has provided 4 million meals in the United States alone.
4.QUENCH THE THIRSTY- Over 1 billion people around the world lack a basic supply of clean drinkable water.  To date, Project 7 has provided 1.4 million months of clean water through LifeWater.Org and

5. HEAL THE SICK- It's hard to believe something as easily preventable like Malaria still claims the lives of at least a Million people per year. Project 7 helps has helped Heal the Sick and deliver life-saving Malaria medications to 116,000 people in need through
6. TEACH THEM WELL- Project 7 wants to give all children in developing nations a chance at a proper daily school education and brighten their futures, thats why they've provided 1.2 million hours of education through LoveDoes.Org and
7. HOPE FOR PEACE- Project 7 is striving to put a stop to bullying in U.S. schools. Thats why they've put over 35,000 students through Anti-bullying program through

Everyday you make tiny decisions that add up fast and actually matter. Perhaps the next time you're down the candy isle your purchase could give you and the world so much more than a sugar rush.

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