GROCERIES APPAREL // Organic & Recycled Apparel MADE IN L.A.

Groceries Apparel is an organic and recycled clothing company made in Down town Los Angeles
Robert Lohman was born in Palm Springs, California.  From the age of five he ran his own small businesses ranging from lemonade stands and lawn-mowing services, to bottled water advertising sales.  His father, mother, and sister all ran their own businesses too, so it was only a matter of time before he followed suit.  Robert's life changed forever after mistakenly enrolling in a class called “Sleeping, Dreaming and Dying in Tibetan Buddhism” at UC-Santa Barbara. He was a freshman and the class was meant for upper division students only. Perhaps by fate- or a glitch in the enrollment system, Robert stuck around regardless. On the final day of exams his Professor told them that instead of a test he wanted them to meditate for an hour on one single question: “What is your purpose.” It was within that final hour of that accidental class where the idea for Groceries Apparel began.

This model is in Organic Cotton High Waisted Leggings & The Organic Cotton V-bra in "Cloud"
At first Robert sold American Apparel blank T's- dyed and printed with grass, milk, orange juice, rust, soil, tomatoes, you name it.  His idea was to create non-toxic clothing by using only natural fibers and natural dyes.  He soon discovered there weren’t many basics clothing providers available on the market that were 100% made in America AND organic.  There seemed to be a gaping hole in the market and Groceries Apparel was founded to fill that hole. Fate struck again when Robert ran into Dov Charney (the founder of American Apparel) at a fabric store and ultimately took him on a tour of his factory. The next day Robert was committed to manufacturing his own garments, bought three special sewing machines and never looked back.

A snapshot of all the looks you can create with Groceries Apparel basics
Now everything is made right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles at the Groceries Apparel Factory. They source directly to the seed and trace all of their fabrics from the farm to their factory. They use only 100% GMO-free, Pesticide & Herbicide-free, Recycled & Fair-traded materials to make their garments. Groceries Apparel is striving to redefine transparency and responsibility by supporting family farms, localizing manufacturing, providing living wages and Monsanto-free, post-consumer ingredients. Groceries Apparel also empowers their employees through fair-trade, fair conditions and fair treatment across their entire supply chain.

The Groceries Apparel factory and employee's, Downtown Los Angeles, California

Monochrome sets are so chic and easy to wear 
I'm not lying when I say, I love every style they have. From basics to tie-dye yoga sets there is bound be something you'll love and be proud to wear.  Check out all their latest summer looks at and be sure to follow them on instagram! @GroceriesApparel

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I'm wearing the organic cotton Stripe Foxglove Tank in White from Groceries Apparel