JOON + CO. // Capsule Wardrobes for Remarkable Women

If you're a fan of sustainable fashion, timeless style, capsule wardrobes, or just looking amazing in high-quality clothing, Joon + Co. is the perfect online boutique for you. This one-stop online shop holds a plethora of sustainably made and fair trade clothing and accessories from the best brands, ready and waiting to be apart of your wardrobe forever.

Joon + Co. began with Becky VandenBout. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering with a background in web development and controls engineering. But don't be fooled, behind all the brains and computers, she carried a true passion for fashion. So, when the time was right she left her full-time job to pursue her dream of running her own clothing store. Becky saw the ugly gap in the fashion industry between modern, high-end goods and ethical production of these goods.

She focused her energy on creating a shop dedicated to doing just that: providing its customers with a beautifully curated selection of items they could feel great buying, without sacrificing style or color. The site warmly welcomes you to take part in their capsule collections. This simple, yet brilliant concept encourages less clothing in your closet but great versatility in each garment. Essentially, the goal is to actually wear and cycle through 30 different looks from just 10 pieces of clothing. Not to worry though, you're more than welcome to buy items all on their own too.

This lovey mustard top made by Krisnit works for all seasons. With it's unique cotton, polka dot texture, shoulder pleating, and wrap-style waist, this versatile go-anywhere top makes a perfect warm-weather look and also works great under a cute jean jacket too. Check out all the amazing looks and designers hand picked by Joon + Co at
And find them on Instagram @JoonandCo

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