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Ethical, sustainable, organic clothing by Syngery Clothing. From activewear to evening wear, it's ethical shopping made easy for everyone.
Synergy clothing was born when Kate Fisher first visited Nepal in the fall of 1993. She returned home to California inspired by the amazing fabrics and beautiful textiles of South East Asia and began her designs. In 2006 Kate and her husband Henry formed a family operated business and began focusing on eco-conscious clothing production. Together, they committed to making clothing with the highest environmental and ethical principles with minimal environmental impact. It was also their mission to empower their employees through ethical employment practices.

Synergy Clothing's Urban Zen Leggings in Blue Bird
Synergy believes it matters how your clothing is made, that you deserve the choice to buy clothing you can feel good about wearing with the knowledge of where and how it was produced. It all begins with certified organic cotton grown and loomed into fabric in India and Nepal. Synergy uses only organic seeds that don't require harmful pesticides or chemicals to grow. All of their fabrics are also made with low impact, water-based dyes with high absorption rates, which decreases the use of rinse water and produces less waste.Every piece of clothing is ethically sewn in a GOTS certified factory by adult men and women who are paid a living wage for their hard work. By treating their employees with respect they create clothing that are not only high quality, but that are empowering the people who make them.
Synergy is an ethical, sustainable, organic cotton clothing company that's committed to reducing their impact on the environment in every way possible. Part of that commitment is an unheard of  responsibility for their clothing, even after it's been sold. When you're done with your Synergy clothing (no matter its condition) you can take it to their retail locations or mail it back to them to be recycled. For every garment you send back you will receive a voucher for 20% off a single Synergy Organic Clothing item.  If the returned clothing is in good shape it's donated to local Santa Cruz non-profits and women's shelters. Any clothing that is no longer wearable will be donated to environmentally responsible textile recycling programs. Synergy strives to empower people to make more purposeful choices. They believe ethical fashion is about more than just clothing, it is casting a vote for the type of future you want for the world and the people who live on it.

They have mens and womens styles in a variety of colors for literally every occasion.
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The Synergy Infinity Dress is one of their BEST sellers, it's super soft and incredibly versatile. See more ways to wear this look below!