MAERI DESIGN // Contemporary bags with a recycled twist

Maeri Design is a fair-trade textile brand that has revived a nearly extinct hand-weaving technique in a very unlikely location. Maeri produces these high quality, minimalist handbags and totes in India using non-degradable, recycled plastic. Every morning groups of people in the slums of India sift through piles of industrial trash looking for materials that can be salvaged and sold. The recyclable plastics they pick out are then purchased by factories or recycling plants, where it's reformed and recycled into anything from pipes, tubes, window frames, plastic sheets, etc. A similar process creates the recycled plastic wires that eventually become the heart and elegance of every Maeri bag.

Maeri stands at an intersection of culture, change and opportunity. Inspired by sustainability and the revival of a mesmerizing and nearly forgotten century-old technique of knotting. Each handbag is meticulously hand woven by less-privileged women in the insurgent areas of India. They use a collection of recycled plastic called Polyethylene, in a variety of chic color ways. Every woman artisan spends between 8 to 22 hours weaving a single product, depending on the design and the size. Each bag is seemingly perfect and feels like it will last forever- and quite frankly it will.

Maeri encourages less privileged women, from the disabled to the elderly and empowers them with the opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes. They only collaborate with partners that practice and respect Fair Trade Principles to ensure the women are paid a fair income that improves their livelihood. Maeri encompasses the sprit of real craft and community. With styles ranging from totes, satchels, cross-body bags, laptop sleeves and evening clutches, Maeri has a bag to suit your every outfit and outing.

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