THE BLUE FEET FOUNDATION // Kid Brothers saving the Blue-Footed Boobie

Bottom Center, Pro Hockey Player, Kevan Miller wishes the boys well with The Blue Feet Foundation

Last year at The Fessenden School in Mr. Banister's 5th grade class, Will Gladstone learned about a wacky bird called the Blue-Footed Boobie. The funny name was given for its bright blue feet and lack of fear for humans. The people who first discovered them found this lack of fear for anything absolutely bonkers (also known then as a boob), thus the word "boobie" at the end. These goose-sized, friendly birds are found on arid, tropical and subtropical islands off the Pacific coast of South America and have steadily been declining in population. The birds' numbers have dropped more than 50 percent in less than 20 years. Researchers speculate that a lack of sardines, a source of food for the birds could be to blame. Habitat loss and egg collecting also threaten the species.

The Blue-Footed Boobies
After learning about their endangerment in class, Will was so worried about this curious, clumsy bird that he wanted to do something to help them. He wondered how he could raise money for the cause and then came his great idea. Inspired by the blue feet of the bird he thought, why not sell bright blue socks to spread awareness! To make a short story even shorter, he put his dream into action and started his own business.

Matty and Will being interviewed by local FOX 25 news channel for their business

Will and his younger brother Matty are now business partners at The Blue Feet Foundation. In the past year, the brothers have sold more than 2,000 pairs of socks, shipping them to 18 countries and 47 states. All the proceeds (each pair costs $12.50) go to the Galapagos Conservancy, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the islands’ wildlife. Mr. Banister, Wills' teacher, hopes that someday the lesson of the blue footed booby will have a happier ending, thanks to Will and Matty's effort.

A major sales milestone marked for The Blue Feet Foundation 

The boys, now 13 and 10 years old, hope to go out of business eventually too. Meaning the birds are well and thriving. It's so inspiring to see such young people care and take real action to save our earth and its creatures.  These brothers are the youngest CEO's I have featured yet but I hope they won't be the last. Hats off to these kids, they really are the light on the horizon of our future.

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