DUNITZ & COMPANY // Fair Trade Guatemalan Jewelry

Nancy Dunitz and her team
Meet Nancy Dunitz, she worked in financial planning for big movie studios for several years in Los Angeles. She could have stayed in the industry and made a very wonderful living but at the end of the day she simply wanted to be more artistic in her daily life. Something just seemed to be missing. Nancy was longing to travel more, explore third-world countries and focus on her creativity. She had no idea how to start a fashion business but quit her day job and decided she would anyway. GO NANCY!
She started in Guatemala where she'd been before and knew she'd find truly skilled artisans. Even in the middle of a civil war, once Nancy found a community of wonderful artisans in need of opportunity, she never left to work anywhere else. Dunitz and Company introduced glass beading to them and they collaborated to make designs that would be authentic and vibrant while still appealing to retailers in the U.S.

All of the artisans are paid a living wage. The mothers Dunitz and Company employ are able to work from home while still being able to care for their families. Since the 1990's they  have consistently employed well over one hundred women and men. Dunitz and Company contributes to several organizations that help those living in the community where their beadwork is made. Helping to supporting the only local hospital, the free library that also offers reading classes and funding many projects including child education, lunch programs and mother-infant care. They are a Fair Trade Federation member and a Gold-Certified green America business.

While Dunitz and Company has had a road of many ups and downs, Nancy is most proud to have the success she does, while treating the people who make it all possible with the respect they deserve. She believes in the golden rule "Do onto others as you would have them do unto you" and I'm happy to share her story and cause.

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