NATURAE BY L&A // Handcrafted Organic Lingerie

Lola and August believes in decorating your body, not changing it. This luxury lingerie brand in Toronto, Canada thinks what goes ON your body is just as important as what goes in. That's why, in their lingerie line Naturæ they use only organic cotton, grown by methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment and your body. By choosing organic instead of conventional cotton, it reduces the use of pesticides and fertilizers, because it’s grown without them. The cotton seeds are all natural, untreated and planted in healthy, happy, non-toxic soil. Instead of forcefully harvesting the cotton before it falls, Naturæ waits on mother nature for whats called "natural defoliation".

Then the fabric is given color using low-impact, fibre-reactive or all-natural dyes and only whitened with peroxide, not chlorine bleach like most white cotton fabrics. Every piece is handmade in Canada with this imported organic fabric. Lola and August promise ethical and eco-conscious thinking have gone into the development of the label and line, including the use of local manufacturing for every garment. The looks are inspired by the free-spirited, European, modern romantic.

Organic cotton clothing is ideal for everyone, but especially people with chemical or dye sensitivities.
If you're someone who's already committed to living organically, I wouldn't be surprised if organic clothing is on your radar and in your closet. There are three different styles of the organic panty and bralette. They are as comfortable and luxurious as they are playful and wearable. It's clear they were designed with all body types in mind and you're bound to find something you feel unstoppable in.  Embrace your body with Naturæ by Lola & August, naturally.

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