I connected with the founder of Seven Saints Jewelry, Kaliah, earlier this year for a social media shoot. We met at a quaint little park near downtown Los Angeles on a sunny afternoon. I loved trying on and admiring her intricate and seemingly perfect handmade collection. Her attention to detail and mix of colored stones was so on point and you could feel the quality in every piece. While still being fashionable, Kaliah designs using real healing gemstones and sacred symbols.

Near the end of our shoot she pulled out one final piece for me to try on and shoot- an aroma therapy necklace. This little locket lariat holds a teeny tiny pom-pom inside, it only requires a few drops of your favorite oil and you're set for days of scented bliss. Honestly, if I owned one-I'd be wearing it all day, every day. She also has a line of Chakra Balancing, blended, essential-oil rollers that make wonderful gifts and are perfect for travel.

What I liked most about her work was that every word, scripture, positive thought, or symbol on Seven Saints Jewelry was chosen intentionally by her to inspire and serve as a daily reminder to the wearer of their sacredness, divinity, and inner light. What she aimed for, she accomplished. Putting this jewelry on feels almost transcendent, and when you stop to appreciate the real art and thought behind it, the pieces almost become one with you. Woman empowerment and improving the lives of women and children is also important to Seven Saints and a portion of the profits are donated to organizations the help end violence and exploitation again women and children.

I hope to work with Kaliah again, she was a true example of an artist shining through in their design. Seven Saints is on the up and up- being featured in almost every major magazine and I'm so excited to see how far they go.

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