AWARE CAUSES NECKLACE // Starting the conversation

The founder of Aware Causes, Pierson Williams, reached out to me this past year on social media.
At first glance I liked the minimalist design of his necklaces and wanted to know more. I learned he started his brand for the love of his family, his mother suffered from severe depression and he lost both his grandmothers to cancer.  Pierson looked for a way to help those who have dealt with the same or a similar situation. His goal was to make something eye catching that could start a real conversation.

Founder of Aware Causes, Pierson Williams
After partnering with his brother they designed what became their final product. This simple and sleek triangle pendant comes in a variety of colors that match the ribbon colors associated with them; from Lupus, Autism, Cancer, LGBTQ equality, ALS, Lyme disease, M.S., Crohn's disease, mental illness, AIDS, etc. While raising awareness for 30 different causes, 10% of proceeds from each purchase is donated to non-profit organizations that helps with research, prevention, and awareness for the specified cause. Needless to say I happily partnered with them. I chose the white pendant that represents mental health awareness. I personally have suffered from mental illness throughout my life and know SO many others who have suffered too. I wear my AwareCauses necklace and give my story to anyone who might ask about it. While talking about these issues can be difficult, the fact is most of us are likely linked to one or more of them. Talking with each other and connecting can be a beautiful and healing thing.

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