CAFE EMPOROS // Hand Drip coffee anywhere

Ruben Trujillo went to school for International Business but in 2010 when he was unable to find work in the United States, he moved to South Korean to teach english.
While there he got a second job working at Maywoods Coffee Co. in Cheonan, just 50 miles south of Seoul. Little did he know, in a small cafe half way around the world, he would find his calling.
Ruben's eyes were opened to a whole new side of brewing coffee. He found a new appreciation when he saw how complex this simple beverage could be when brewed in less conventional, international, ways. Hand Drip (also known as the Pour over method) being one of them.

Over the course of the next three years he became an apprentice to the cafe owners, learning extensively about coffee brewing methods and perfecting latte art. The cafe became a sort of second home for him while overseas. The owners and baristas that taught him there, inspired him to follow his passion for making and sharing amazing coffee with everyone. He hoped to return to America from South Korea to share what he experienced in the Eastern Coffee Culture.

"Little did I know that the boom in the coffee industry in Korea over the past 5 years would fuel my passion to return to America to start my own coffee business." - Ruben Trujillo 

He originally planned to open a brick and mortar cafe in the U.S., but quickly saw it was nearly impossible for him. Despite this let down, a hopeful slogan crossed mind, "make the world your cafe". This sparked the launch of his website and his to-go coffee satchels. This clever, individually-wrapped filter sits right on the rim. They come pre-filled or you can buy them empty and use your own coffee. Using Ruben's favorite, the pour-over method or hand-drip, you simply pour hot water slowly over the grounds until your cup is full.

Watch as the coffee releases its magic scent and gorgeous foam!(Ah! I just love coffee so much!) They're perfect for camping, the office, picnics, etc. where ever you might want a cup of joe. He also carries a sealed coffee bag that you can dunk into hot water like a tea bag for an even easier on-the-go cup.

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