Friday, December 29, 2017


I worked with JimmyCASE this Fall on a lifestyle shoot. We met on the hip and trendy Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice. It was the perfect setting for that beachy, laid back, vibe everyone loves in southern California. Not to mention they had SO many instagram worthy murals perfect for pictures (You can thank me later). I had a great time getting to know their team, exploring the street art, grabbing a matcha latte and hearing the story behind their brand. It's a wonder I didn't find them sooner, especially since they're hand crafted right here in East L.A.

It all started after Dan Smith, a T.V. Executive at the time spent countless days on set, traveling or simply sitting down with uncomfortably stuffed pockets. He set out to simplify the phone v.s. wallet problem by marrying the two items in a brand new way. Dan worked to design his ideal phone case in his garage (like so many other entrepreneurs) and ultimately quit his TV job and went full time for his own business. Woo, Go Dan!

Fun New Print Styles available
I happen to be a huge fan of natural woodgrain so I fell in love with them from the beginning. The JimmyCASE uses all natural, military-grade mahogany, making it incredibly strong and lightweight. The elastic wallet band is made locally in L.A. and holds up to six credit cards securely. It was custom-made especially for JimmyCASE and is promised to NEVER stretch out (like the knockoff brands will). The wallet case comes in a variety of solid or patterned color combo's, including neutral tones if bright colors aren't your thing. A silicone case wraps around the entire phone and has a raised edge around the face to allow for it to lay down without the screen touching being touched. They are made for both Android and iPhone but don't worry, if you have another brand of phone they have the stickaJimmy wallet that sticks to the back of whatever case you choose.

I'm always stoked to find local companies to give my support to and share with you all, especially when what they offer makes my life easier and provides others jobs locally. JimmyCASE is a real game changer in more ways than one; funky style, functionality, quality AND made right here in Los Angeles.

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All Photography by Pascal Shirley, Jeff Mindell & Dean Zulich 

Friday, December 22, 2017

CAFE EMPOROS // Hand Drip coffee anywhere

Ruben Trujillo went to school for International Business but in 2010 when he was unable to find work in the United States, he moved to South Korean to teach english.
While there he got a second job working at Maywoods Coffee Co. in Cheonan, just 50 miles south of Seoul. Little did he know, in a small cafe half way around the world, he would find his calling.
Ruben's eyes were opened to a whole new side of brewing coffee. He found a new appreciation when he saw how complex this simple beverage could be when brewed in less conventional, international, ways. Hand Drip (also known as the Pour over method) being one of them.

Over the course of the next three years he became an apprentice to the cafe owners, learning extensively about coffee brewing methods and perfecting latte art. The cafe became a sort of second home for him while overseas. The owners and baristas that taught him there, inspired him to follow his passion for making and sharing amazing coffee with everyone. He hoped to return to America from South Korea to share what he experienced in the Eastern Coffee Culture.

"Little did I know that the boom in the coffee industry in Korea over the past 5 years would fuel my passion to return to America to start my own coffee business." - Ruben Trujillo 

He originally planned to open a brick and mortar cafe in the U.S., but quickly saw it was nearly impossible for him. Despite this let down, a hopeful slogan crossed mind, "make the world your cafe". This sparked the launch of his website and his to-go coffee satchels. This clever, individually-wrapped filter sits right on the rim. They come pre-filled or you can buy them empty and use your own coffee. Using Ruben's favorite, the pour-over method or hand-drip, you simply pour hot water slowly over the grounds until your cup is full.

Watch as the coffee releases its magic scent and gorgeous foam!(Ah! I just love coffee so much!) They're perfect for camping, the office, picnics, etc. where ever you might want a cup of joe. He also carries a sealed coffee bag that you can dunk into hot water like a tea bag for an even easier on-the-go cup.

You can see more at
& on Instagram @Cafeemporos

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Friday, December 15, 2017

FELLER SHADES // Every Pair Plants a Tree

Tonto Fellersahdes in RoseSmoke

Feller Shades and I have been good friends for a while now. I've collaborated with them a few times in the past and was really excited to finally share them fully with all of you in my blog. Not only are these sunnies unique and fashionable they also give back to our beautiful mother earth and that is something I am more than thrilled about. Feller Shades was founded in 2016 by brothers Zac and Mac Kish in Ann Harbor, Michigan. Their idea came from a passion for stylish eyewear, handcrafted goods and a love for the planet.

Wood frames mid-production

Each pair is handcrafted by experienced woodworkers and are checked for quality twice before approval for sale. They use only sustainable materials, including responsibly harvested wood from South East Asia, refusing to use any tree species that are endangered or restricted. For the time being the sunglasses are made in a small facility in Nanjing, China. Zac and Mac hope to bring production to the US in the future. In the meantime, they work closely with the factory to ensure not only a premium quality product, but also that the people making the sunglasses are treated fairly too. The cases that comes with the sunglasses are also eco-friendly. They are made from 100% recycled paper, and they also use recycled shipping materials.

What I love most about Fellershades is how they show their true commitment to being eco-friendly by donating a portion of the profits from each pair of sunglasses sold to plant trees in our National Forests!  Not only do I adore their styles, I really LOVE  telling complete strangers the story behind Feller Shades after they've just complimented me on them.  If you can't tell by now, I am Feller Shades fan for life. Every time I put them on I secretly can't help but think of the happy little trees planted on my behalf because of them <3

photo's of me by @AriDassa
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Friday, December 8, 2017

CAUSEBOX // A gift that keeps on giving

Have you ever heard of CAUSEBOX? By now, you’re likely familiar with subscription box services. Essentially it's a gift you give yourself or maybe someone else, that keeps on giving! (by that I mean showing up on your doorstep). You can find subscription boxes for literally anything now. From meal kits, specially curated outfits, jewelry, pet supplies, body products, makeup, snacks, razors, wine - you name it, theres probably a box for it. But what about a box with a GOOD cause behind it? (Not to say your beautiful face full of the latest make up isn’t a good cause). With Causebox you’re not only treating yourself but you’re also giving back in bigger ways than you thought possible -or maybe haven’t thought of at all. 

The contents of their most recent Welcome box

Causebox delivers socially conscious products, curated specifically for women who care about the earth, its people and themselves. However, They sell out of a the seasonal mens box they have every now and then, so guys can help too! Each box has 5-8 seasonal lifestyle products from brands that are focused on ethical and sustainable practices, donate a portion of profits to charity, or aim to inspire and empower others. Every box also comes with a copy of their latest Good News Magazine, inside it are the real stories behind every brand in your box, why they give back, who they are directly impacting, and where their products are made.

I worked with Causebox earlier this year in a lifestyle campaign and feel so lucky to have found them AND the brands they featured. I fell in love with their passion for doing good and there was something actually, really special and powerful about knowing the story behind everything that arrived. Suddenly it was more than a box of awesome stuff, it represented a whole unique and respectable journey to reach my front door. It was after meeting Causebox that I really started to explore ethical fashion and brands with good causes at their core.
Little did I know, and much to my surprise there was much to be found...

You can read more at 
and on IG: @Causebox

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The 2017 winter box

A basic breakdown of what's inside

Inside look at GOOD NEWS magazine, included in every box!

Friday, December 1, 2017

MYSSYFARMI // Finnish Wool Hats knit by grannies with love

Myssyfarmi is a farm-based design company from Pöytyä, Finland, known for its funky Myssy wool hats and award-winning food products. It all started when Janne, a top world windsurfer at the time, was injured and searching for a new direction in life. He took over his family farm but wanted something more. While skiing with a friend in Switzerland Janne's friend wore an incredibly soft, handwoven beanie. He wanted one for himself but she wasn't about to hand hers over. Janne was determined to knit his own and found himself as a student at a local village cafe, where a group of elderly woman met regularly to knit together.

Janne knits alongside Anna while she assembles shipping materials
One week later Janne had finished his first masterpiece. It wasn't exactly perfect though, so he made another and another and well... it all snowballed from there. Shortly after, Myssy beanie knitting parties became wildly popular in the evenings after group ski trips. Myssy was all about having fun and making something with love, everyone wanted to be apart of it.

Some of The "Myssymummot" aka The Grannies 
In 2010, the source of their super-soft, organic Finnsheep wool, became traceable when MyssyFarmi bought their own lovely Finnsheep and began co-operating with the neighboring Rintala Farm. A year later they launched their website and hired 10 grannies: Terttu, Salli, Soili, Ritva, Outi, Anneli, another Ritva, Eeva, Päivi and Rahkis. Once a month they gather for a knitting session. They drink a lot of of coffee and gossip while they work, though its hardly work to them, as they claim to have a lot of fun. The Grandmas are essential at Myssyfarmi and take pride in every product they make.

My favorite part is every hat has a tag signed by the grannie who made it and comes with a lifetime warrantee. MyssyFarmi hopes to inspire others to adopt this farm-minded quality over quantity style of producing goods. They believe things are done better slowly and I personally couldn't agree more.

You can read more about them at
and on Instagram @MyssyFarmi

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Some grannies not pictured 

The lightly handwashed organic Finnsheep wool has 5% of lanoline left in it, which makes it extra soft and nice to the skin. The colors are all natural dyes.