MYSSYFARMI // Finnish Wool Hats knit by grannies with love

Myssyfarmi is a farm-based design company from Pöytyä, Finland, known for its funky Myssy wool hats and award-winning food products. It all started when Janne, a top world windsurfer at the time, was injured and searching for a new direction in life. He took over his family farm but wanted something more. While skiing with a friend in Switzerland Janne's friend wore an incredibly soft, handwoven beanie. He wanted one for himself but she wasn't about to hand hers over. Janne was determined to knit his own and found himself as a student at a local village cafe, where a group of elderly woman met regularly to knit together.

Janne knits alongside Anna while she assembles shipping materials
One week later Janne had finished his first masterpiece. It wasn't exactly perfect though, so he made another and another and well... it all snowballed from there. Shortly after, Myssy beanie knitting parties became wildly popular in the evenings after group ski trips. Myssy was all about having fun and making something with love, everyone wanted to be apart of it.

Some of The "Myssymummot" aka The Grannies 
In 2010, the source of their super-soft, organic Finnsheep wool, became traceable when MyssyFarmi bought their own lovely Finnsheep and began co-operating with the neighboring Rintala Farm. A year later they launched their website and hired 10 grannies: Terttu, Salli, Soili, Ritva, Outi, Anneli, another Ritva, Eeva, Päivi and Rahkis. Once a month they gather for a knitting session. They drink a lot of of coffee and gossip while they work, though its hardly work to them, as they claim to have a lot of fun. The Grandmas are essential at Myssyfarmi and take pride in every product they make.

My favorite part is every hat has a tag signed by the grannie who made it and comes with a lifetime warrantee. MyssyFarmi hopes to inspire others to adopt this farm-minded quality over quantity style of producing goods. They believe things are done better slowly and I personally couldn't agree more.

You can read more about them at
and on Instagram @MyssyFarmi

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Some grannies not pictured 

The lightly handwashed organic Finnsheep wool has 5% of lanoline left in it, which makes it extra soft and nice to the skin. The colors are all natural dyes.