Friday, January 12, 2018

AWARE CAUSES NECKLACE // Starting the conversation

The founder of Aware Causes, Pierson Williams, reached out to me this past year on social media.
At first glance I liked the minimalist design of his necklaces and wanted to know more. I learned he started his brand for the love of his family, his mother suffered from severe depression and he lost both his grandmothers to cancer.  Pierson looked for a way to help those who have dealt with the same or a similar situation. His goal was to make something eye catching that could start a real conversation.

Founder of Aware Causes, Pierson Williams
After partnering with his brother they designed what became their final product. This simple and sleek triangle pendant comes in a variety of colors that match the ribbon colors associated with them; from Lupus, Autism, Cancer, LGBTQ equality, ALS, Lyme disease, M.S., Crohn's disease, mental illness, AIDS, etc. While raising awareness for 30 different causes, 10% of proceeds from each purchase is donated to non-profit organizations that helps with research, prevention, and awareness for the specified cause. Needless to say I happily partnered with them. I chose the white pendant that represents mental health awareness. I personally have suffered from mental illness throughout my life and know SO many others who have suffered too. I wear my AwareCauses necklace and give my story to anyone who might ask about it. While talking about these issues can be difficult, the fact is most of us are likely linked to one or more of them. Talking with each other and connecting can be a beautiful and healing thing.

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Custom Engraving for Personalization

Friday, January 5, 2018

DEGA JEWELRY // Shop Local

Dega Jewelry founder, Jennifer McDevitt

DEGA is a socially conscious brand, specializing in handcrafted artisan gemstone and pearl jewelry in San Francisco, California. Jennifer McDevitt the founder of Dega, loves to travel and tends to find beauty and inspiration everywhere around the world.

She launched her company with conscious consumerism at it's core. She is committed to being socially responsible and everything is handcrafted in small batches so there is zero waste. Her goal is, and will always be quality products over quantity. Jen puts a lot of thought and effort into sourcing materials, from small family owned shops that share her love of hand-made goods. She assures every piece she makes will last you day in and day out for years to come.

Dega believes you AND mother earth deserve the best, so she uses recycled materials in all of her packaging, boxes, and even business cards. They genuinely care about the environment and to offset any carbon footprint they (may or may not) have left behind, they donate one dollar of every purchase to the National Forrest Foundation to plant a tree. (The same foundation as FELLERSHADES woo! Go Team!) As if all of this wasn't enough, her philanthropy reaches even farther into animal causes with an annual portion of profits being donated to various animal welfare organizations, like Mercy For Animals.

The Lyla Choker & Zaryn Earrings

Dega is certainly more than a jewelry brand, its about living a sustainable life, supporting slow fashion and celebrating the beauty and tradition of hand-crafted goods. These pieces work well for casual and dressy looks, making them easy to wear with almost everything!

You can
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Friday, December 29, 2017


I worked with JimmyCASE this Fall on a lifestyle shoot. We met on the hip and trendy Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice. It was the perfect setting for that beachy, laid back, vibe everyone loves in southern California. Not to mention they had SO many instagram worthy murals perfect for pictures (You can thank me later). I had a great time getting to know their team, exploring the street art, grabbing a matcha latte and hearing the story behind their brand. It's a wonder I didn't find them sooner, especially since they're hand crafted right here in East L.A.

It all started after Dan Smith, a T.V. Executive at the time spent countless days on set, traveling or simply sitting down with uncomfortably stuffed pockets. He set out to simplify the phone v.s. wallet problem by marrying the two items in a brand new way. Dan worked to design his ideal phone case in his garage (like so many other entrepreneurs) and ultimately quit his TV job and went full time for his own business. Woo, Go Dan!

Fun New Print Styles available
I happen to be a huge fan of natural woodgrain so I fell in love with them from the beginning. The JimmyCASE uses all natural, military-grade mahogany, making it incredibly strong and lightweight. The elastic wallet band is made locally in L.A. and holds up to six credit cards securely. It was custom-made especially for JimmyCASE and is promised to NEVER stretch out (like the knockoff brands will). The wallet case comes in a variety of solid or patterned color combo's, including neutral tones if bright colors aren't your thing. A silicone case wraps around the entire phone and has a raised edge around the face to allow for it to lay down without the screen touching being touched. They are made for both Android and iPhone but don't worry, if you have another brand of phone they have the stickaJimmy wallet that sticks to the back of whatever case you choose.

I'm always stoked to find local companies to give my support to and share with you all, especially when what they offer makes my life easier and provides others jobs locally. JimmyCASE is a real game changer in more ways than one; funky style, functionality, quality AND made right here in Los Angeles.

You can check out EVEN more they have to offer at
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All Photography by Pascal Shirley, Jeff Mindell & Dean Zulich